CU Harvest Moon Elements

Check out the latest Create A Kit category, Harvest Moon, at DigiStyleDesigns.  You will find these beautiful elements and papers to match this color scheme, all items are between $1.00 - $4.00.  These are only exclusive to the DigiStyleDesignStore

Here is my preview of CU Elements--all elements have been created by me
using designer's scripts.
Go HERE to buy this product
Tomorrow I have an announcement, so check back.  Also this week, will be a brand new
blog train, that is due out on the 14th.  Don't forget to come back and check them out.
Until next time, enjoy and make it a great day!

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Marilyn Glasser said...

I love your work. I downloaded your TOU from Berry Applicious but it doens't say anything about a license. Are your CU products usable without one? Please let me know. Thank you.

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