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Today, I am here to get something off my chest.  Why is it that people feel a need to steal?  These past two weeks, I am appalled at the amount of theft that goes on in the "Digital Design World".  I have found two of my FREE kits on a piracy site--they have NO business taking the kit and reselling it!! The rules are easy--You get it for FREE and if someone else likes it, then you send the person to my blog. Go HERE to see if anyone is abusing your kits.  There is no need to take my wording off my preview and put it on your site to sell, it isn't for you to sell. Yeah mine were taken down, but I know they probably are somewhere else now, because that is how they work.   If I find anymore of my FREE kits on any site, I may need to stop giving them away, this will be sad for me because not everyone is abusing the Freebies.

One more word of advise--when you buy Commercial/Resale Licenses make sure you do your homework. Ask around the digiworld if the person or persons, selling the licenses is honest, in good standing and that you know who you are buying from.  I think it is a crying shame that people have to go to the extreme to sell Commercial/Resale licenses. When I approached a designer she vehemently denied any wrong doing, but I have proof and someday, I may have to show the proof, but my intent today, is just to get my feelings known.  They know who I am talking about.

Now I know that there are MANY MANY honest, hard working, and outstanding designers, that feel the same way I do.  However, today, is my voice and I want to say to those who are pirating, stealing and abusing our goods, STOP!!!

One thing I do believe in is Karma--what goes around comes around--someday your dishonesty will come back to haunt you and only you!

Thank  you for reading! 

Until next time Enjoy and Make it a Great Day!


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Lou Anne said...

I went to the site and found two kits from designers I am familiar with. I reported it to the designers. I believe that these sites should be taken down.

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