Remembering 911

Today we will always remember the tragedy that took place 9/11/2001.  For all those that lost their life on this day, it was a tragic event.  May we never forget!!

Now I know that I haven't been around much, but I have been quite busy.  We have another foster puppy, Summer, (pictures will be posted later) and a new member of our household Katy, who is a torti cat--she looks alot like Dillie. (pictures also later)  What a sweet kitty she is, we got her at the Humane Society here in our hometown.

Now here are some layouts that I have just completed.

Designer:  Monja Wessel
Title: Soft Summer Rain
Where to buy: Scrapbook Max at her store HERE
My niece and her husband

Designer:  Deanne Gow-Smith
Title:  King of the Remote Control
Where to buy: Scrapbook Max at her store HERE
This is my dog Bink, who is our remote control holder

Designer: Deanne Gow-Smith
Title:  My Girl
Where to buy:  Scrapbook Max at her store HERE
My niece Ashley and her daughter (my great niece) Hayleigh

Designer:  Deanne Gow-Smith
Title:  Youth Comes Once
Where to Buy:  Scrapbook Max at her store HERE
These are my twin great nephews on their first birthday.

Until Next Time Enjoy and Make it a Great Day!

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