Happy Birthday to my Samantha aka Bink and My Fosters

Today is my Samantha's 5th birthday.  The photo is a birthday card that was singing Happy Birthday to her... Credit is to one of the templates that comes with SBM.

I have been quite busy with these two lovely foster puppies.  One is quite shy and the other one is just the opposite.  Along with my four they keep my hopping.  Oh, well, no complaining because I love it.  Here are two layouts I did with the fosters, after I groomed them:

Hope (Quite Shy) but she is such a baby doll.  Credits is DGO Living Doll and can be found in her store at Scrapbook Max HERE

Pumkin is the opposite of Hope but just as cute. She loves to look at herself on the computer. This is a template that Fiona Storey was giving away at SBM around Easter Time--if you like it you may still be able to get it in the Template Forum at Scrapbook Max. You can find other kits at her store HERE

Until next time Enjoy and make it a great day!

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